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The Safe ‘O’ Track service is provided by Dhanuka Electrotech pvt.Ltd with the parent Company located in USA and INDIA. Safe ‘O’ Track is a Silicon Valley – based telematics solutions Company that provides end-to-end hardware, software and services in the consumer and commercial Telematics Space.

Our Services

1. Real-time tracking.
2. Check past 90 days history with location &km.
3. Over speed limits.
4. Geo-fencing (Mark your areas with alerts)
5. We can create own path on Software.
6. Check the engine health as per km.
7. Immobilizer (Ignition ON/OFF), Only for key start vehicle.
8. Tempering Alerts if anyone wants to remove or disconnect your device.
9. Share your location.
10. Upload the details on portal like DL, RC, Insurance with renewing alerts.
It will alert before 1-2 months of the expiry date.
11. If you are using a GPS device on more than one vehicle, you can also track nearby vehicles.
12. Also, check the stops in a timely.

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Amazing Products, sharing my personal experience for these products thanks to networkplus company.
Prateek Shrama
Amazing automation merchandises, I must appreciate networkplus for such an utilitarian goods.
Arif Khan
Everyone should try such an osm Automated and Secured products, Thanks a lot to networkplus
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